‘RRRRRRRROLL_GIF’ – Beautiful and surreal gifs from Japan

I think it’s fair to agree that the internet unanimously loves GIFs. They’re pretty amazing, right! In fact, just last week the Oxford English Dictionary officially named ‘GIF’ (the verb, not the noun) as America’s Word of the Year. I guess in a year that’s included commercial GIFs, Presidential GIFs and Gangnam Style, the humble GIF may indeed be worthy of this title.

One group of GIF-makers who love to make original content are rrrrrrrroll. Since April of this year they’ve been creating a wonderfully surreal collection of moving images which they share through their Tumblr page RRRRRRRROLL_GIF every week. I couldn’t find out that much more about them but over on Colossal, Christopher Jobson informs me that the site is run by an anonymous collective made up of five photographers and artists. If you’re on Tumblr make sure you follow their blog – their work is beautiful!

November 21, 2012 / By