The sweet electronic sounds of ‘Interconnected’ by Steve Hauschildt

After releasing the excellent Just To Feel Anything with his band Emeralds earlier this year, the American electronic musician Steve Hauschildt is back once again with the release of his new LP Sequitur. It’s an album filled with futuristic compositions, sweet vintage synths and that great pop-sensibility that we’ve come to love from Hauschildt and Emeralds.

The stand out track for me has to be beautiful Interconnected. Opening the album, Interconnected really warms you up with its mix of ambient vibes and and its rich synthesizer textures. It’s a warm, beautiful and playful piece of music that really is a joy to hear. Its glimmering video is the perfect visual companion to the music. Created by Sabrina Ratté, it fills the screen with great colors and vintage video transitions. Go check it out!

November 19, 2012 / By