Top Five From LAIY: Week Of November 12

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of November 12

Abstraction and Nature: An Interview With Alexander Kroll
Alexander Kroll is probably the best working abstract painter in Los Angeles. His paintings are so vibrant and active with layers and layers and layers of technique placed within them. They are absolutely remarkable. We sat down with Kroll to speak about his practice and history, which is now incredibly tied to LA. He even has an indoor/outdoor studio! If you are in Los Angeles, he has a solo show opening at CB1 Downtown starting Sunday.

Intelligent Accessories
These are cool: a Los Angeles product designer has made these accessories that have USB devices built into them. They are very sleek and made to look like there isn’t (But there is!) a USB device in there. They aren’t cheesy like it sounds but rather futuristic looking. Can someone get us one of them necklaces?

The Making Of Björk’s “Mutual Core”
Earlier this week, Björk’s new video came out and was shared on this site. How was it made? The effects are brilliant–but what is what and who did what? Well, MOCA went behind the scenes while the video was made and spoke with LA based Andrew Thomas Huang, who directed the video. What an amazing process!

Stanley Kubrick At LACMA
LACMA has a lot of great shows up right now but that Stanley Kubrick film/art/photography mashup happening there is just wonderful. It’s super academic and feels like you are walking through a book about Kubrick, influences, and techniques. There’s also a ton, a ton, a ton of film goodies and props. You don’t have to be a fan or even know his work that well because this show teaches you everything you need to know. It’s also up through next Summer: we all have a long time to see it and see it again.

Generic Man For Selfridges
Generic Man are always doing cool things and collaborating with cool people. We got word from them that they have an exclusive collection being sold at Selfridges London for the holiday season. We can’t get our hands on these LA born, London sold shoes so we decided to covet them via a post. If you can swing by Selfridges, you should check them out. They’re great.

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