‘Kid Icarus (Little Jam)’ by itsnotyouitsme


As much ambient and shoegaze rock as pastoral pop, itsnotyouitsme has been a hidden favorite in the realm of new classical and electronic ambient. The genres overlap so beautifully (maybe it’s the “glacier rock” movement that started it all, or the efforts of Philip Glass and Brian Eno that planted the first seeds) that it is hard to ascribe itsnotyouitsme’s sound to a specific spot. The Harlem-based duo of Caleb Burnhans and Gary Mcmurray take the best from both worlds – string instrument chops, meticulous looping and effects – to create an otherworldy reflection of chamber music.

Kid Icarus (Little Jam) is from the much beloved 2010 album fallen monuments. The album was recorded entirely live but one could never tell. The string melodies fall on top of each other, sequenced and improvised together with enough distance to hear the phrasing. Yet it is mixed enough to feel like each new string line is an inevitable conclusion, a relaxing, thoughtful conclusion.

November 16, 2012 / By