Ed Ruscha, Woody, and the World’s Hottest Pepper

Despite Ed Ruscha being one of my favourite American artists from the Pop art movement he’s someone who I don’t know all that much about. That is until now. Filmmaker Lance Acord has recently created a short film called ‘Ed Ruscha, Woody, and the World’s Hottest Pepper’ and it gives a beautiful insight into Rushcha and his work. It’s a really nicely put together short and Rushcha comes across as being warm, charming and a generally all-around excellent guy. I particularly like how describes himself as being a ‘linguistic kleptomaniac’ and it’s great to hear him talk about his influences – particularly his feelings about the desert and the city.

The film was created as part of the second annual Art+Film Gala at LACMA which paid tribute to both Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick. The aim of the event is to raise funds to support LACMA’s initiative to make film more central to the museum’s curatorial programming, while also funding LACMA’s broader mission. Last year’s Gala included a great portrait of John Baldessari which I posted about earlier in the year and it’s also well worth checking out. I would love to see more films like these please!