Urbanears and Harris Tweed team up to make beautiful headphones

When I first heard that Harris Tweed were teaming up with Stockholm’s Urbanears to create a pair of headphones I was intrigued to see what they’d look like. It sounded like an odd combination of brands but it was certainly a pairing that could yield some interesting results. When I finally got my hands on a pair of them last week I was not only surprised with how well the crossover works but I was also properly impressed with just how genuinely beautiful they are.

Urbanears have always made good headphones and it’s nice to see a company that’s producing something with style, a good sense of design and a passion for making things that’s just that little bit unique. Their Plattan series is really nice and I reckon that this new Harris Tweed edition is by far the finest in the range.

Harris Tweed is an important part of Scottish heritage and it’s the only fabric in the world that has its own Act of Parliament to ensure its authenticity. These headphones are wrapped up in over 150 years of tradition, and they’re made out of the finest hand-woven virgin wool. If you ask me, they may just be the most stylish headphones around.

The Plattan Tweed Edition Urbanears are also a joy to use. They offer a rich, secluded sound and are filled with lots of nice detailing – from the beautiful brown cushions and fabric cord to the little subtle use of color on the orange cables. I particularly like how they have an extra jack on the side of the ear cap which allows a friend to plug in and enjoy the music your listening to.

These Harris Tweed Urbanears are a limited edition. You can find a pair in shops or order them online here. They really are the perfect look for this time of year!

November 12, 2012 / By