‘Rainstorming’ – A Series of Haunting Photographs by Lúa Ocaña

Rainstorming is the name of an ongoing series of photographs taken by the Spanish photographer Lúa Ocaña. Started in 2007 and shot on 35mm black and white film, the images feel raw and beautiful. Her photographs are mysterious – they’re filled with shadows and dark dingy corners. There’s a dream-like quality to the places and things she shoots and in many ways her series feels like a dream world, one of uncertainty and vagueness.

While I don’t speak enough/any Spanish to understand Ocaña’s description of the work, I feel her series stands well on it’s own too and I like the mystery the images are shrouded in when viewed without context. I highly recommend you visit her site and take a look at the ongoing collection of photographs. It’s a really beautiful set of images

November 8, 2012 / By