The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Will Bryant

Will Bryant wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Will Bryant

Last night was a night of winners and losers with no grey area in between. But life isn’t always so black and white, and these medals by Will Bryant are a perfect example. I’ve known Will for several years now, he’s done wallpapers for the site previously, and now he’s living in the creative epicenter of Portland getting his MFA in Studio Practice. His work is always playful and fun, utilizing a ton of bright colors and tackling serious subjects like hot dogs with glasses. He made these medals titled Celebrate Failure which sum up a gamut of feelings when it comes to winning and losing. I think we should give these medals out to folks more often, despite what place they come in.

Be sure to check out the iPad and iPhone sizes as well which feature different orientations to fit the devices. A big thanks to Will for sending me these sweet photos. He also sent me some other wallpapers as well, so you may be seeing his work again next week!