Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 29

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 29

The New Horror Maker, Part Two: An Interview With Adam Wingard
Since this was the week of Halloween, we finished up our series of two interviews with new horror makers. This week’s interview was with director Adam Wingard, a nice new Angeleno who has directed the films A Horrible Way To Die, What Fun We’re Having, and the frame story of V/H/S. He and Simon (last week’s coverboy) collaborate a lot and are one of the horror makers to watch. Their work is raw and real and, as Adam explains, relates a lot to the modern low budget subgenre of mumblecore. It’s a very interesting, not-scary read.

Zenbunni Chocolates
While shopping at some organic/raw/weirdo food store looking for Halloween treats to write about we found these super luscious and beautifully packaged chocolates. They’re Zenbunni Chocolates and are super good–and they’re packaged to look like Art Nouveau antiques. They come in original, sea salt, and spicy chai and are totally vegan and fair trade and all of those world conscious facts.

Ben Jones At MOCA
Ben Jones is one of our favorite artists working today. His work is so fucking fun and interesting and totally next level. If you recall, he’s the guy who did the giant, immersive driving installation at Transmission LA at MOCA earlier this year and the man behind the Cartoon Network show Problem Solverz. He’s super, super talented. Anyway, he has a solo show at MOCA’s Pacific Design Center location opening tonight for members and to the public tomorrow titled Ben Jones: The Video. We spoke with him about his work, his process, and the new show, which we are absolutely dying to see. We’ll be sharing a look at it next week: stay tuned.

Adam Ferriss’ RGB World
Adam Ferriss is a local artist who sent us a small note and blew us away with his photographic works. He creates these natural scenes that basically look like they are screengrabs from the eyes of a malfunctioning robot. He place tricolors onto beach and natural scenes and sometimes even makes these .gifs of what appears to be gaseous waters crashing into rocks. They’re so beautiful and bizarre: we’re obsessed with them.

Jason Koharik’s COLLECTEDby
Jason Koharik is a local maker. He mostly is known for his delicate art deco light fixtures that you can find at various places around town. He has a new series of lights that are bit more rounded and curvy but with that same art deco influence to them. They’re incredibly beautiful and would make any room look far too fantastic. You can find them at the always wonderful Lawson-Fenning.

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