Pop Art by GREATeclectic

Jay Z by GREATeclectic

Art should always ask more questions than it answers. At least that is what I was taught in my Introduction to Painting course, and I tend to agree. This holds true for the art of GREATeclectic. Working on the same wavelength, stylistically and idealistically, as Jean-Michel Basquiat, his work is a critique of our obsessions with celebrity, fame and political scandal.

Romney by GREATeclectic

Amy Winehouse by GREATeclectic

GREATeclectic employs the familiar icons of today’s tabloid culture including Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Mitt Romney, Kanye West, President Obama and Amy Winehouse. He throws pop-culture and politics into a blender with representations of morality, greed, lust, love and envy and presents it in such a raw format that the viewer must confront and, on some level, come to terms with his/her own standing on these subjects. Bright, bold and sometimes shocking, the work has an aggressive undertone which almost dares the viewer to look away. He seemingly defaces his subjects, but at the same time you can see he idolizes them.

Pharrell by GREATeclectic

Nicki Minaj by GREATeclectic

While his style definitely harkens from urban street art roots, he handles his work with the deftness of Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, some of Pop Art’s greatest figures, and two of my personal favorite artists. Even though the subjects in his pastiches are immediately recognizable, his works are abstract enough to push the viewers to question their own thoughts, insecurities, hopes and shames.

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