Unplanned Magic by Marcus Walters

marcus walters

Marcus Walters

Marcus Walters

Unplanned Magic was the title of an exhibition that the UK-based artist and designer Marcus Walters had earlier this year in London. It really is the perfect title for his show as his work is filled with spontaneity and magic. There’s a beauty in the simplicity of his work and his experiments in form and color really are terrific. For me, it’s the playfulness of what he does that I really like – he seems to find a wonderful rhythm in the shapes and forms that he uses.

Marcus works across a variety of media and his work incorporates a number of hand-crafted elements such as collage and drawing. A number of his prints are currently available to buy from his webshop and you can also see more images from his exhibition Unplanned Magic online here.

October 30, 2012 / By