Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 22

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 22

The New Horror Maker, Part One: An Interview With Simon Barrett
Since it’s Halloween time, we figured we’d do some ~*~sPo0Ky~*~ interviews. The first went up this week and it is with fantastic new horror writer Simon Barrett. Barrett is known for his real and raw scary stories which are totally in vogue now in the horror world since V/H/S hit screens earlier this year. He is super smart and has some great things to say about creating, writing, Hollywood, and how it all comes together.

Greta Waller’s Blurred Vision
Greta Waller is a local painter currently pursuing her MFA at UCLA. We’re totally in love with her blurry, often humorous paintings that deal with the temporary put into permanence in her paintings. We’re also super, super, super in love with the above close-up painting she did of a Pomeranian. I even e-mailed her to enquire about purchasing it.

The New York Times On Jeffrey Deitch
The New York Times published an article a week ago about Jeffrey Deitch and all the drama surrounding MOCA. It’s a fascinating read and very, very accurate: it all boils down to a lot of LA art people being gossipy, fickly, cocktail party chatters who tainted his name. We’ve had that happen to us (They called us the “Art Tea Party,” which we love.) and we know this to be true. It seems like a karmic loop is coming full circle for the LA art world…

ReCut Supply
Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake is one of our favorite places to shop and they are increasingly getting better and better as they are carrying more and more random, exclusive stuff. Local outwear makers ReCut Supply are a good example as Mohawk are carrying their first collection of vests made from vintage military material online. They are some pretty rad wears.

Barack Hussein Obama
Graphic novelist Steven Weissman e-mailed us about his great new book Barack Hussein Obama. The book is a satirical and funny and dark look at an alternative universe Barack Obama. It’s fantastic. If you are in Los Angeles, Steven will be speaking at Skylight on Sunday.

Oh! If you missed our pop-up at Meltdown, check out how it went here!

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