The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Braden Graeber

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Braden Graber

Braden Graber

We’ve reached the end of the series of Halloween Desktop Wallpapers so why not end the week as Halloween night ends for most kids? With razors in chocolates, shitty “healthy” candy, and a peanut butter cup or two that you eat immediately because it’s the best candy you have. The final wallpaper is by Braden Graeber and is an homage to Halloween candy culture. There’s a little bit of grandma hard candy we all hate, broken Pixy Sticks because Pixy Sticks always break, and some Tic-Tac looking pills that are undoubtedly treats for the parents: it’s all a part of Halloween. Braden’s has laid it all out in a colorful, humorous, and somewhat entrancing way to remind you of that Halloween isn’t just about frights and fun–it’s also about terrible candy.