Mysterious Beauty in Daniel Evans’ Series ‘3 Months in Another Place’

There’s something strange and mysterious about these photographs by the Liverpudlian photographer Daniel Evans. Taken between September and November of 2010, the photographs come from a much larger series of images called 3 Months In Another Place.

Evans says that the series is made up of photographs of the things that he finds interesting. He created the series while out with friends, on his bike or getting lost in the woods. “The project combines both portraits and still life images of people i know and spend my time with” he says, “[it combines] objects that I use or go past on a day to day basis.”

Despite this simple description of the work it feels to me that this series somehow becomes greater then its parts. Looking through the photographs it’s easy to draw a connections between many of the images; from the crumpled metal of the car, to the girl holding tinfoil and onto the tinfoil-covered furniture. There’s almost a Lynchian surrealism about them and whether intentional or not, these thematic elements seem to hint at a strange unsettling narrative. You can view the full series of work online here.

October 25, 2012 / By