Hip hop/samurai inspired paintings by Ferris Plock

'Carry On', a new exhibition by Ferris Plock

'Carry On', a new exhibition by Ferris Plock

The ever-talented Ferris Plock has a show up at Shooting Gallery in SF currently called Carry On, filled with samurai animals ready to break dance. Seriously. The description of the show does a great job at summing up the work.

Plock’s instantly recognizable style of finely drawn details and intricate patterns against simply stained backgrounds are influenced by Japanese woodblock prints and achieved through a variety of materials. House paint, wood stains, gouache, gold foil, and wood panels are transformed into windows to a world where a kimono-clad samurai might hoist a boombox instead of a sword and anthropomorphic creatures are frozen mid-yell, mid-jump and mid-mischief.

Ferris’ work is seriously unrivaled. I’ve never seen anyone who’s been able to merge these cultures together in such a seamless way while still maintaing a high level of quality. There’s also a level of detail that’s kind of mind-blowing. The intricate patterns in the clothing of these characters is so nuanced that you could easily get lost in them.

The show is up until November 3rd so be sure to stop by!

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