Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 15

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 15

Art Booking: An Interview With Ben Lee Ritchie Handler Of Gagosian Gallery
Ben Lee Ritchie Handler is definitely the coolest librarian we’ve ever met. He is the librarian at the Los Angeles Gagosian Gallery, which is likely the biggest gallery in the world. He’s practically a walking contemporary art textbook since it is his job to catalogue works from the show and help educate gallery employees and visitors in various art movements and persons. We also got a really sweet behind-the-scenes peek at a Gagosian Gallery.

Alika Cooper And Anna Mayer At Night Gallery
Alika Cooper is one of our favorite Los Angeles artists and Night Gallery is likely the hippest gallery in town. The two have teamed up with the addition of artist Anna Mayer for a show that is open Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10PM to 2AM. Where else does that happen?? I guess only in LA. Cooper’s works are these fabric collages that suggest painting and drawing and depict sometimes sexually graphic scenes of women, which is all pacified by the fabric. Mayer created these objects that appear to be lost from a modern tribe–and their power is still very palpable. This is a show to see if you are in LA.

A Movie At Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
We don’t think very many Angelenos have been to the touristy Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It’s right in the middle of our version of Times Square so you can imagine the appeal of going to a movie there is pretty low. Well, we went to one and it was spectacular. The space is HUGE and it is so ornate and fun and represents the magic of Hollywood. Sure, it can be a little cheesy and it definitely is very stereotypically “Asian” but it is quite a feat of architecture.

This was fun to do: we made two mixes for our pop-up shop. One we shared on LAIY and represents the current crop of LA acts we’re into now and the other we shared on TFIB that is a bit of an exploration of the idea of being “too cool.” Both are great and fun and we’ll have to make more of these. If you’re in LA tomorrow, stop by Meltdown Comics and see us! We’ll try to hook it up with a gift or something if you say hello.

The L-Lamp
David Kitz is a Venice Beach based artist and designer who recently made a really simple, really sleek light fixture called the L-Lamp. It’s the perfect little lighting unit that we are sure everyone would enjoy to have next to their bed or on a desk or something. It’s wonderful–and from a great homegrown talent!

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