GREATER THAN | A Mix by Los Angeles, I’m Yours

GREATER THAN | A Mix by Los Angeles, I'm Yours

GREATER THAN | A Mix by Los Angeles, I'm Yours

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I’m most embarrassed of my intellectual hoarding. Like most people who finished high school within the past decade (give or take five years), there’s this inclination to stockpile “what is cool” even if it is in our own minds. This can be a Tumblr you’re obsessed with that you are unwilling to share with others or an early seventies Italian horror film that you only show to special people: these are all examples of intellectual hoarding. They are these things out in the world that anyone can access but you, for whatever reason, feel like you discovered it and had a hand in making it and that your sharing it is doing the world a service.

I’m so awful about that and I’m kind of ashamed that I act this way. Music is a big thing that I hoard, thinking that no one has heard of whatever bizarro Berlin techno diva I’m obsessed with this week. As a means to cleanse this tendency and share some hoarded things, I decided to mix them all up into a mix. It is by no means an expert audial splicing but it does represent music that comes from this semi-entitled place we all have been in.

The hope of this mix is that you’ll encounter some new acts or jams that I’ve had on repeat in some form or another within the past few years. Some are like five years old (How, Still Going??) while others just came out Tuesday (Sup, Sky.)–they are all in my opinion “good” and an attempt to get you to move your ass at work.

The mix is also made in promotion of Los Angeles, I’m Yours and The Devastator‘s one-night-only pop-up shop that will be happening this Saturday at the Meltdown Comics Annex. The event is to help The Devastator celebrate their newest issue and lampoon the idea of all things “Indie.” Intellectual hoarding? Totally a product of the indie/hipster/silly people revolution. Enjoy the mix and you can catch another mix we made for the event over on Los Angeles, I’m Yours. Both mixes are going to play at the event, too.

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