‘Frontex Slowfox’ by Lauer

Phillips Lauer

Running Back is a German electronic music label run by Kool DJ Pink Alert. Based in Darmstadt, a community outside Frankfurt, the label seems to pick up choice beats from the baleric variety to deep house. One of their premier releases in 2012 has been a new album from the Frankfurt-based artist Lauer.

The record, Phillips, takes the disco house vibe a variety of different ways. For instance, Miamisync has a clear eye for Miami mid-eighties kitsch, while Hafflinger keeps a hypnotic groove with some funky xylophones. Frontex Slowfox, however, has the cheese down to a science – big drum sounds, a dirty bass, a swaying rhythm. To me it’s a sleazier, dirtier instrumental version of Wicked Games. Or really just a wicked twist to electronic dance music, subtle yet addicting.

October 17, 2012 / By