Adam Maida wins the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Re-Covered Books contest

Adam Maida wins the 'Fahrenheit 451' Re-Covered Books contest

After a long delay I’ve finally narrowed down the winning entry for the Fahrenheit 451 Re-Covered Books contest. This was a great book to try to re-cover because of it’s strong themes and iconic imagery, though I was sad to see a lack of mechanical hounds. That said there were many fine entries but only one could win and that honor goes to designer Adam Maida.

I liked Adam’s cover for a few reasons — the style, the color palette, and the detail. I’m not usually one to pick the more retro, old feeling cover but I think it fits with the idea of knowledge and the age of knowledge. It also reminds me of the books that Montag has hidden away in the ventilator. I think the stacked books becoming an arm was a smart choice and I like that it’s not overly literal. I feel like the color palette Adam chose was spot on. The red is slightly dulled, giving it that aged feel, and that shock of yellow in the flame on the cover and on Bradbury’s name is just what it needed. The black on the cover also gives the book a bit of grounding, keeping the design firmly locked in place.

I think it’s also great that Adam did the glossary, especially because there are only 3 chapters to the book. I think the face in the flames could be better but I like the concept, which touches upon the older woman who burns herself alive. Overall I think my only complaint might be the font that the 451 is in on the cover which doesn’t really fit with the hand-drawn type of the Fahrenheit. Overall though it feels like Adam really considered a lot of details and executed them nearly perfectly.

I’ll try to think up another Re-Covered Books contest in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

October 15, 2012