Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 8

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 8

An Interview With Jill Greenberg, Part One And Part Two
Jill Greenberg is one of our favorite photographers working now. She does commercial work we’re all aware of and fine art work that is always fascinating. We had a chance to speak with her about her work, practice, and art making and visit her studio and amazing home in Los Angeles. She’s truly a one of a kind artist–and she showed us some peeks into her creative lifestyle that very few people have gotten to see. If you’re in LA, you can catch some work of hers up now at Katherine Cone Gallery and, if you are in New York, she has a show opening at ClampArt on October 18. She also has a new book out, too.

MOCA, Downtown LA’s constantly discussed bad boy art institution, has just unveiled a really super amazing online art collision: MOCAtv. The effort will have various video art and educational videos shared online that will focus on everything from LA artists to happenings all around the world. This is so exciting because an art video collision on such a large scale hasn’t been done before–and we’re super proud MOCA are the people to do it. (If you subscribe to the channel, you also get a three month free membership, too.)

American Apparel’s Halloween
Every year American apparel releases their Halloween costumes and every year I am always fascinated by them because they are so absurd while being so clever. We analyzed this year’s costumes for practicality, overall silliness, and wearability. It’s a good resource for costume ideas–and laughs.

Menu’s From Los Angeles Public Library
The Los Angeles Public Library unveiled an online resource to give you a look into Los Angeles (and beyond) food history and food graphic design history by way of an online menu database. They’ve opened up their rare book and documents to scan in and share menus from the twenties through the past decade. You could spend hours searching for all these weirdo old food places. You can even find some old recipes, too.

Aether Journal
We’re big fans of local outfitters Aether and their balance of loving winter weather and summer weather clothes. They recently sent out their Aether Journal, an alternative to cataloguing that is more informative about the Aether lifestyle than it is about product, product, product. It’s a fairly genius way to get you excited about what they are all about without hitting you over the head with it.

Unrelated but important: if you are in LA and want some seasonal scares, check out our haunted house guide. Also, don’t forget we have an event coming up.

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