Rothko vandalized: The Internet helps to catch an art saboteur

Rothko vandalized: The Internet catches an art sabatouer

Yesterday a man named Tim Wright tweeted a saddening photo and caption, “Just saw this Rothko painting being defaced #tatemodern”.

Hyper Allergic, a blog centered around critical art thinking, picked up the story and ran with it, digging up a ton of data and eventually finding the guy who did it. I think they did such a great job of covering the story. They have 13 updates to the post, each with more and more data that helps give insight to the what and the why. It makes me proud to see folks on the Internet banding together to do some good like this.

Unfortunately, a beautiful Rothko was damaged, and worse than that, the guy who did it likens himself to Duchamp. A sad day for fine art. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing more great works behind glass.

October 8, 2012 / By