Over the last few weeks I’ve been in a serious heads-down, work-like-crazy mode, helping to make the new Disney.com a reality. It’s been consuming, so much so that I haven’t posted much on the site. It’s bizarre to not write every day though. Usually the only breaks I take is on the weekends and even then I’m looking around for interesting and inspiring pieces to fill the following week with.

If anything this extreme level of focus finally being over has given me an opportunity to refocus on my own situation as well as the work I’m doing in my day job. One thing I’ve been focused on is the idea of passion. I find that being passionate about my work is what makes it great, regardless of what I’m doing. There are varying degrees of passion for everyone. Trying to remember what my passions are helps me to do my job better.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I got a couple of great books on Bauhaus to brush up on a little history. I bought the new Buildings Are Stories by Chris Ware and the New York Drawings by Adrian Tomine, to fill my visual side. I’ve been reading 1Q84 simply because I’m fond of the detailed ways that Murakami tells a story. It’s not exactly a science, but I feel like a wide range of interests helps me draw inspiration from a varied amount of ideas. The ability to tie all of these ideas together is usually what produces great work.

Most importantly I’m getting back to writing and sharing again. As mentioned in the first paragraph I have time again to focus. I’ve dropped the ball on a few things, the Re-Covered Books contest being a major thing, so I’ll getting back to those. Slight improvements to the site as well side-projects are also on the docket.

So that this post isn’t completely about me, I’d suggest reading this article about Ichiro Suzuki and the immaculate care he puts into his bats. As makers we all should take care of our tools, as they are an extension of ourselves. Some of us make beautifully designed things, Suzuki makes homeruns.