Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 1

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of October 1

Our Featured Interview With Chris Johanson And Johanna Jackson
It was almost by extreme happenstance that we got to interview Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson, who are two of the most interesting, coolest artist and people we’ve gotten to speak with. They work together to make art that is a fusion of art of life and their life in art. They’re next level people who are all about recycling to an extreme and repurposing what they find into beautiful, curious artworks. Thus, art is their life. (Also, we couldn’t fit both of them above so we put their little pup in.)

A Tour Of LAMA
Los Angeles Modern Auction (LAMA) is a few-times-a-year auction organization that gets super high end fine art pieces that regular, not-institution persons can bid on. Yes, they are all super expensive and pricey–but anyone can take a look at the goods! We toured their warehouse last week and were blown away: there were Andy Warhols, Ellsworth Kellys, Ed Ruschas, Murakamis, tons of Eameses, Chuck Closes, some Keith Haring, and lots and lots and lots more. It’s a modern art wonderland!! The actual auction is this Sunday with previews going through tomorrow. If you are in the area, you must stop by.

October 3, 2011
This seems like an almost impossible statement but LAIY turned one year old this past Wednesday. Can you believe that?! We took the day to reflect on our very humble start.

Eagle Rock Brewery is a leader in Los Angeles microbrewing. Did you know that one of their founders is a woman? Ting is her name and she is trailblazing women in the beer world. Wigs made a documentary about her and she is just the sweetest. You have to check it out and grab some Eagle Rock Brew if you are ever in Southern California.

Mid-City RETNA
Near the Beverly Center there is a super secret, metallic looking mural located at Orlando and 3rd. We were super surprised to happen upon it and had to take tons of photos. It’s really something. We have no idea how long the piece has been up but we hope it stays up for a long time.

OH! Breaking news: We are co-hosing a one-night-only pop-up shop with local comedy zinemakers, The Devastator. Check it out!

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