‘Modern Day’ – Playful art icons by Lisa Hedge

Modern Day

Modern Day by Lisa Hedge

Modern Day by Lisa Hedge

Modern Day by Lisa Hedge

Modern Day is a series of posters and postcards created by designer and illustrator Lisa Hedge. The series charts a history of modern art through simple minimalist icons. Lisa describes the series as such:

As much of art is inherently reflective and self-conscious of its history, Modern Day is an exercise in graphically connoting iconic artists through familiar shapes and minimal forms. The execution is decidedly simple and playful, adopting a select color palette as the backdrop for these linear and circular reference points.

I love the color of these posters and I think it’s really fantastic how she manages to recreate each artwork with such a refined use of line. Modern Day is just one of a number of great projects on Lisa’s website. Go check out more of her work online here.

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