The Lost Tapes of Can: A fresh dose of psychedelic music

Can: The Lost Tapes

1968-1969: 4 Germans and a New Yorker meet in Cologne, put down their avant-garde classical influences, and start an “avant-garde” improvisational band based off Zappa, Hendrix, and James Brown. The New Yorker, smug and disappointed at the rock influences, leaves the band. An American vocalist joins the 4 Germans and Can is formed. They start recording. Said American vocalist leaves and is replaced by a nomadic Japanese dude with some serious pipes.

1969 – 1974: Can records their most well known work, including classic records Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi, and Future Days. “Krautrock” as a genre is born, a blend of psychadelic rock, jazz, fusion, and insanity. Everyone from the Sex Pistols to Sonic Youth to Spoon claim them as an influence.

2012: When the German Rock Museum wants to enshrine Can’s studio, they take everything from the studio and put in the museum. Master tapes are found. Mute records finds them. Record collectors everywhere have nervous break downs, more than just my omission/dismissal of every Can record after 1974. That rare B-Side they paid 40 bucks for 10 years ago becomes worthless. But new tracks, like Millionenspiel and Dead Pigeon Suite (above), emerge, and everyone is stoked – it’s a new Can record, funky, fresh, and worthy of your next psychedelic freak out.

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