Stunning new work by Markus Åkesson

Psychopomp Club, 100x150cm by Markus Akesson

The Scientist´s Room, 46x54cm by Markus Akesson

I recently discovered the work of Swedish artist Markus Åkesson. Since last month he has had an incredible looking exhibition hanging at the VIDA Museum in the small Swedish city of Borgholm. The work on display is beautiful. For me, his paintings show moments of stillness and calm, but they also have a great sense of darkness and mystery about them.

In painting’s like Psychopomp Club (The Rat) and Psychopomp club (Chicken Skeleton) (both pictured above) we get to see girls looking at animals at a natural history museum. These images seem to be about life being confronted by death in someway yet Åkesson doesn’t make these moments brash or threatening, instead the moments feel meditative, calm and even serene. There’s beauty in these moments and Åkesson captures it perfectly. More of his work can be seen online here.

New Works by Markus Åkesson currently runs at Borgholm’s VIDA Museum in Sweden until the 30th of September.