The beautifully grey and angular drawings of Eleni Kalorkoti

Eleni Kalorkoti

Eleni Kalorkoti

The work of Paris based illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti struck me this week, with her unique mixture of striking greyscale and subtle textures. Her work is almost Parisian, you could say, with a certain mood and geometry pervading each of her pieces. The angularity of her work, especially in the piece at top, is pretty stunning as well. It’s abstract in so many ways, referencing the idea of the world, and yet stil clear with it’s intent. I love the way the trees reflect in the puddle on the ground and in the windows of the building.

If you enjoy Eleni’s work as much I do you should check out this post she did about her process, which she breaks down in 9 easy to understand steps. Her secrets can be yours!

September 21, 2012 / By