The Shenzhen International Airport by Fuksas

Fuksas Shenzhen International Airport Model

Fuksas Shenzhen International Airport

Despite the heaps of construction material and clutter of debris in this video, it’s nice to see the lastest project from Massimiliano Fuksas coming together: the Shenzhen International Airport. The firm’s design for the airport beat out submissions from Foster + Partners, Foreign Office Architects, Reiser + Umemoto, and others. I think the sectional models Fuksas made for the competition are incredible, because they illustrate both the assembly strategy of the complex exterior envelope and give a hint about the spatial quality for folks who will eventually use the building. That said, I didn’t expect the interior to be as airy and expansive as it appears in the video.

Thousands of miles from Shenzhen– in Tbilisi, Georgia- another excellent project by the firm opens this month: the Tbilisi Public Service Hall; here’s a picture of Hillary Clinton admiring renderings of the project.

September 20, 2012