When Your Dorm Is A Shipping Container: Student Housing Designed by Cattani Architects

Who doesn’t love a nice stack of shipping containers? As you might guess, the stack of containers above is no ordinary stack, but a stack that has been plumbed, electrified, and finished into college dormitories somewhere in France.  The project’s architect, Cattani (I tried to find her website but only found this article about an incompetent plastic surgeon) says that she actually avoided the stacking effect to make the individual living units feel more open and independent. To that end, the containers are supported on a frame that separates them ever so slightly from each other and allows the boxes to stagger in plan. Inside the rooms, windows at both ends of the container flood the interior with natural light.  I’m not sure what your college dorm look(s/ed) like, but these are much better than the sad and crowded stack of bricks I stumbled toward after a long day of classes.

September 18, 2012 / By