The Black Mesa Project – Half Life Redone

The Black Mesa Project - Half Life Redone

When Half-Life came out in 1998, few could have expected what was to follow. The first-person shooter seemed innocent enough, not much different from any other game of its genre. You played as Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist at a research facility in New Mexico. But the typical linear storytelling didn’t follow that pattern, and it’s deep, sprawling story and beautiful graphics made it unlike anything at that time. In some circles it is the greatest game of all time, in others, the most influential.

The Black Mesa Project has existed for years but only this past week came into fruition. Utilizing the Source Engine (developed for Half-Life 2), Half-Life has been recreated using the full strength of modern art detail, mapping, soundtrack, voice acting, and textures. It’s not Half-Life ported into today – it’s Half-Life polished for 2012. All you need is the (free) Source Engine to enjoy this remake of this legendary game.

September 17, 2012 / By