Top 5 From Los Angeles, I’m Yours: Week Of September 10

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of September 10

Our Featured Interview with Jean-Pierre Mastey of Baxter of California and Baxter Finley
If you work hard and really, really want something, you get that something. Jean-Pierre (JP) Mastey is a perfect example of this. JP wanted to put his mark on a brand and build something that he would want to use. With a history in mens buying and coming from a long line of barbers, he took over heritage grooming brand Baxter of California and turned it into the sleek, hip mens lifestyle brand that it is now. He has a really awesome story.

Levitated ____________
We finally got to check out Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass, a now iconic land art installation at LACMA. For those unfamiliar, the piece places a giant boulder to float over a concrete underpass. It’s a sublime, beautiful art piece but–you know–it’s just a giant rock. That got us thinking: what else could the artist have levitated? After a lengthy brainstorming session, we present our ideas of other objects that could be levitated. Levitated Steve Nash, anyone?

A Look Inside C+M
Also at LACMA is a really well designed coffee shop called C+M (Coffee and Milk). It’s an industrial, modern setting for sipping tea and having snacks while art viewing. It also features well designed objects like Case Study Fiberglass Eifel Chairs and Artek Alvar Aalto’s Three-Legged Stools. One of the most curious features is a digital display that shows what appears to be random numbers: its actually Jim Campbell’s Untitled (for the sun), “a solar powered clock that displays what percentage of the day (light) has passed.”

Rivera’s Hallucination Menu
This is a remarkable food happening: Downtown Los Angeles’ Rivera has a menu that is all about tequila. It’s a multi-course prix fixe meal that gives you several courses of a tequila drink and a food item prepared with tequila. Crazy, right? Chef John Sedlar and team get super crazy and creative with their menu program and–if you hallucinate too much–they even can provide a special rate at The Four Seasons not far from them.

Iko Iko Goes Commercial
Iko Iko is a cute art and design store on Fairfax that we’ve been dying to go to. They recently released a little commercial that celebrates their products in a very straightforward way. It’s an artsy, sophisticated, simple video that says, “Hey! We have cool things. Why don’t you stop by and see these cool things?” The video is a wonderful thirty second spot: we hope all commercials go in this direction.

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