Stunning and Mysterious Paintings by Aron Wiesenfeld

The Well by Aron Wiesenfeld

The work of San Diego based artist Aron Wiesenfeld is simply incredible. Wiesenfeld’s powerful images are both haunting and emotional, creating fractured parts of imagined stories that seem rich in narrative and beauty.

Originally a comic artist, Wiesenfeld received some attention back in the 90’s for his artwork but he soon tired of the churned-out nature of the comic-book world and decided to focus purely on his art. Looking back it’s clear that doing this was definitely the right move. Wiesenfeld’s work is stunning. Reminding me of the likes of John Currin and Edward Hopper, his work shows a magnificent understanding of the importance of light and his paintings and drawings bring together a fantastic sense of composition.

Emily Falke, the chief curator of the Bakersfield Museum of Art describes his work perfectly: “There is a feeling of running, searching, and foraging within the figures; a rite of passage with no ending.” For her, the viewer is left with a sense of impending transformation, a place where something is in a state of flux. What that is – we don’t know, and trying to discover that is where the magic lies. Check out more of Aron Wiesenfeld’s work online here

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