Video for ‘Black Egg’ by Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band by M&E

If you want a fun way to kick off your week then may I suggest you check out this great video for Black Egg by the Danish indie rock band Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. The video was directed by the Malmö-based duo M&E who decided to take the name of the band’s album, Stuff That Rotates, as their starting point and with it they’ve created a video made out of stuff that very literally rotates.

Parts from drums and bicycles were used along with bits of wood, metal plates and an electric drill to create a camera that could rotate at high-speeds as the band performed. The resulting video is as energetic as the band themselves, bursting on to the screen with trails of bright colors and blurring people and objects into strange abstract shapes. It’s a fantastic video which suits the bands sound perfectly. Best of all, the duo didn’t add any effects to the footage in post-production, making this a true triumph of DIY video making.

Stuff That Rotates was released in May and is availble to purchase here.

M&E have just sent me a fantastic video showing exactly how the video for Black Egg was put together. Make sure to check it out below: