The Apple campus in design development

Apple Campus designed by Norman Foster

Apple Campus designed by Norman Foster

This week, it is widely expected that Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone. Much like the  iPhone 4, images of the product have leaked prematurely, spilling the freshest juice about Apple all over the internet. It’s a little sad to know, ahead of the keynote, what the phone will look like– because it’s genuinely more enjoyable to watch Tim Cook deliver the new Apple baby than to read about spilled apple juice on a website. So it feels a little strange to be sharing leaked drawings of the Apple Campus, other than to say that architecture takes too long and is too big to hide.

So here you have ’em: just a couple of the design development drawings for the Apple Campus. Here, huge panes of curved glass hold in tidy and unoffensive offices. (For comparison’s sake, take a look at the recently revealed Facebook West campus design from the office of Frank Gehry.) It may be the lack of color in the renderings, the scale of the project or simply my bias, but for some reason the spaces seem generic and dull. I hope that the construction of the project will prove me wrong. Something clean, slick, and exciting would be expected, much in the same way that Apple products are clean, slick and exciting. But these spaces are something different, and it’s hard to get excited about something you’ve already seen.

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