Google Glass teams up with Diane von Furstenberg, giving a realistic clarity to the futuristic device

Google Glass teams up with Diane von Furstenberg

Google Glass teams up with Diane von Furstenberg

When I write here on The Fox Is Black I’m very specific about what I write about. If I’m not into something, I tend to make a snarky quip on Twitter and then move on. What you don’t speak about is just as important as what you do speak about. When I saw Google’s new Project Glass I didn’t speak about it much because it seems to me like an illogical step in technology. A heads up display, often times called a HUD, are totally common in every day life… if you play video games. Getting information displayed to you on a screen, especially in first player games, is almost always displayed in a HUD. I don’t see Google Glass being that for our own lives, it seems extremely invasive rather than complimentary to our experiences.

All of that said, I think it’s extremely smart that Google Glass teamed up with Diane von Furstenberg for her New York Fashion Week runway show. I think the impracticality of the glasses is being erased with a stunt like this, smartly proving that you can look sexy while wearing them. Those are honestly words I never thought I’d write.

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