Orley Knitwear: Not your grandfather’s sweaters

Orley Knitwear

Orley Knitwear

While I was in New York a few months back I had the opportunity to meet up with a fellow named Matthew Orley. Along with his brother Alex Orley and his girlfriend Samantha Florence the three of them have started a knitwear line called Orley which is defying the genres usual standards. With Orley you have a line of knits that are infused with bright and bold colors, interesting and sometimes disarming patterns, all made with the highest of quality in mind.

The pieces above are from their Fall/Winter 2012 collection, I’m in love with the sweater at the top, but their Spring/Summer 2013 collection is looking fantastic as well. I was able to see the collection in person last night and while the palettes are more muted, definitely suitable for spring, there’s still plenty of bold patterns as well as interesting knitting techniques. The line has a certain asexuality to it which I feel like I’m seeing a lot these days and I’m really liking. They’ve really only just begun, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from this daring trio in the near future.

September 7, 2012 / By