Young Jerks brings light to the Lands’ End logo

Young Jerks brings light to the new Lands' End logo

Young Jerks brings light to the new Lands' End logo

Young Jerks brings light to the new Lands' End logo

Lands’ End is a clothing brand that’s been around since 1963, offering up… well, they offer up clothes. I’m not sure who exactly shops at Lands’ End. That said, their branding was beginning to feel a bit stale, so they asked Young Jerks, the nom de plume of Dan Cassaro, to come in and revitalize the logo. In an interview with Imprint, Dan mentions some specific influences on the logo.

Do you know how long Lands’ End’s previous logo had been in use? What was the company looking for in the new identity?

I believe the current logo has been in use since Sears acquired them in 2002, with some slight variations. Further back, the company has a very rich design history including some really lovely marks, like the iconic “direct merchants” logo from the ’80s. I grew up with that and was really happy to be able to reference that in the new design. The misplaced apostrophe is pulled directly from that logo and the lighthouse was rescued from an old icon they used back in the ’70s. The company has some really great history, and we did our best to respect that while making it feel current.

What I think is most important about Dan’s new design of the logo is that it still retains his design style. If you know Dan’s work (see here) he has a distinct style and is so talented with typography. I also like that he was able to integrate the lighthouse into the logo, and how the ground plane there connects to the L and D. It really unites the whole logo quite nicely. The other awesome element is the last image up there, “A beacon for what’s real.” Such a great image and statement for the brand. Hopefully they start using it in more places.

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