‘Achill’ – Images of an Irish island by Linda Brownlee

I spent my childhood holidaying in Ireland. Back then I spent many a summer’s day along the Atlantic coast and frequently I’d take day-trips to Achill Island – Ireland’s largest island. Jutting out into the ocean, Achill is a place that is as unforgiving as it is beautiful. It’s an island with spectacular cliffs and stunning mountains; a raw landscape which is truly rich in natural beauty.

I wasn’t the only one to holiday in Achill. Irish photographer Linda Brownlee has been coming to the island every August for the last 16 years. Captivated by the textures of the land and the harsh beauty of its weather, she decided to create a series of photographs that explore this unique place. Over a period of two years she worked with local teenagers and pieced together a large collection of images which show the island’s residents in some of their favourite spots. The series creates a beautiful insight into the people and places that make up this small community and the collected images join together to create a wonderful portrait of the island.

Published as a book in late 2010, Achill is a stunning collection of photographs, of which a limited-edition copy of the publication can be purchased through Brownlee’s website here. You can also view a complete gallery of the series online here.

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