Images from Japan – Watercolors by Kouhei Ashino

Kouhei Ashino

Kouhei Ashino

Kouhei Ashino

Like many, I’ve a fascination with Japanese culture and so I really love these watercolor illustrations by the Tokyo-based painter and illustrator Kouhei Ashino. Originally Ashino worked as a 3D-animator, but in 2008 he decided he wanted to become an illustrator and since then he’s self-published a handful of artist books and zines as well as picking up a number of awards, commissions and exhibitions.

I’m not particularly sure what the full context is for the work above but the images seem to be part of a Japanese television program called Trip to Japan. Unfortunately I can’t tell you much more then that but it’s great to see such detailed illustrations of Japanese life.

It’s also worth noting that watercolors are not the only thing Ashino makes, he also creates some rather wonderful drawings, paintings and collages which are fantastically nieve and far removed from the detailed images above. Check out more of his work on his flickr page here.

Philip Kennedy

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