Fiji Airways brings personality back to air travel

Fiji Airways brings personality back to air travel

A couple of days ago Brand New posted this rebrand of Air Pacific back to Fiji Airways, the name it was originally founded with back in 1947. Gone is the cliché, late 80’s “airline” branding, replaced with an extremely human mark that was created be Fijian artist Makereta Matemosi.

I think it’s pretty interesting that a company like this had the guts to rebrand itself in such a natural manner, bringing the pride of Fijian culture to the forefront. When was the last time you saw an airline brand themselves with the color brown? I think overall it’s pretty spot-on, though the Airways word mark feels a little disjointed to me. Overall, you don’t often see brands making bold moves like this, so I think Fiji Airways definitely deserves some recognition. As Brand New also states, it’ll be interesting to see how the branding continues to develop, like what the planes end up looking like, or even the smaller details like how the food packaging turns out.

Bobby Solomon

August 23, 2012 / By