‘Hollow Mountain’ – A new track by Efterklang

Hollow Mountain is a fantastic new track from Efterklang and it’s the first one that they’ve released from their upcoming album Piramida. The story behind Piramida is a particularly interesting one and it has me very excited to hear the complete album when it is released at the end of September. The band started recording last August when they headed on a trip to the town of Piramida – a small Russian town in Spitsbergen in the arctic. What’s interesting about Piramida is that on January 10th, 1998 it was abandoned overnight and today it stands as nothing more than a ghost-town.

The band spent 9 days there, recording sound samples and amassing over 1000 recordings which they’ve pieced together for their new album. The town is also home to the world’s northernmost grand piano; a Red October, which the band have used on the album. If that wasn’t enough they’ve also enrolled the efforts of a 60-piece Danish Girls Choir. All-in-all Piramida is promising to be one of the most interesting albums of the year.

The video above was created and directed by Oodls (Jakob Steen and Christoffer Frandsen) and it mixes photos that the band took while on their trip alongside elements of the album’s artwork created by the fabulous Hvass&Hannibal. It’s a really nice introduction to the album and the video is rich in beautiful textures and saturated colours. You can also check out the trailer for the album below the drop and see the band recording amid the ruins and relics of the town.

Piramida is released worldwide September 24th 2012, and the band will be touring Europe and New York (with a full classical orchestra) in the coming weeks. More details from their website here.

August 20, 2012