The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Rinee Shah

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Rinee Shah

Rinee Shah

This week’s wallpaper is a continuation of sorts, an artist extending the reach of a piece of work even further. Our artist for this week’s wallpaper is Rinee Shah, a San Francisco based illustrator who back in February had a solo show called Seinfood: An Art Show About Nothing, drawing the food that was featured prevalently in the show. Who can forget the time when Kramer accidentally drops a Junior Mint into the artist that Elaine is dating? Or Jerry’s infatuation with Pez?

Rinee has collected the most memorable candies from Seinfeld and collected them into one hysterical and delicious wallpaper. Be sure to check out the iPhone and iPad versions as well, which feature brighter backgrounds that are more fitting for mobile devices. A huge thanks to Rinee for sharing her Seinfood with us. Also, if you’re interested, you can buy some of Rinee’s Seinfood as prints by clicking here.

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