A slice of life: Papercut cityscapes by Beatrice Coron

Beatrice Coron cut paper pieces

Beatrice Coron cut paper pieces

Beatrice Coron cut paper pieces

Beatrice Coron cuts sections through buildings and paper at the same time. That’s because she is an artist working in cut paper who tells stories through the sectional views of fictitious structures. The stories can be told through structurally impossible and wonky landscapes of windows or through curving stacks of floors. Sometimes the structures are impossible for other reasons: like a network of inhabitable clouds with all kind of shenanigans happening around them.

I’m always happy when I see scale figures in sectional drawings of an architecture project. It used to be annoying, for me, to add a lumpy person in a field of crisp lines. But I get why it’s important for reasons beyond scale.  It’s rare to find a drawn section that depicts stories unfolding in the proposed spaces. Cut through the levels of a project, and usually most exciting when those stories come together.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out her TED talk as well, it’s pretty awesome.

Alex Dent

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