My newest music infatuation: ‘Tradition’ by Heavenly Beat

Heavenly Beat - 'Talent'

As of lately I’ve been trying to listen to only a handful of albums, really listening to them like I used to in the 90s (The Blue Album on repeat, you know what I mean?). One of the albums I’ve really been focused on is by Heavenly Beat, the monicker for John Peña.

The album, titled T A L E N T, is hard for me to put my finger on. I can tell you that it’s sexy. Peña’s vocals are breathy and sensual, but in a sort of teenage adolescent sort of way. There’s a confident naiveté to the music, like the attitude of a character from a Larry Clark film. The music itself has guitars that strum like the Kings of Convenience, backed with strings, synthy beats, and bass lines that drive each track. This is definitely apparent in the video above for the song Tradition. It’s the combination of these elements that Peña has really nailed, producing an album that’s you crave, candy coated hooks and all.

August 13, 2012 / By