‘Belly’ – A wonderful animated short by Julia Pott

Describing things as ‘weird and wonderful’ might be something I’m prone to over doing but there really isn’t a better way to describe Julia Pott’s short film Belly. An official selection at this year’s Sundance film festival Belly was created in 2011 for Julia’s theses at London’s Royal Colloge of Art.

A strange and beautiful coming-of-age tale, Belly is a film about the difficulties of having to leave things behind. For me, what I love most about it is Julia’s unique voice. She is a filmmaker who has the incredible ability to be able to combine styles and create something uniquely special. Belly is rich in questions and symbols and that’s what makes it so great. The world of the film is one filled with uncertainties and Julia creates it with a combination of confidence and touching intimacy. Whatever you do, make sure to put seven and half minutes aside today and watch this film!