The alluring paintings of Malcolm Liepke

Malcolm Liepke painting

I only recently discovered the work of painter Malcolm Liepke. Born in Minneapolis and now based in New York, Liepke is frequently considered to be one of the leading contributors to the resurgence of figurative painting that’s currently taking place. Inspired by the likes of Degas, Whistler and Vuillard, I think Liepke’s work can easily stand alongside them in terms of draftsmanship.

There’s something particularly alluring about what he paints and I like how unapologetically sexy his work is. For me, it seems as though he’s taken the modern day cover girl and replaced the photoshopping with bold brushstrokes, rich textures and a wonderful color palette. The results are fantastic and his use of classically inspired techniques manages to transforms these models from typical news-stand fodder into something close to timeless.

Malcolm Liepke is repersented by the Albemarle Gallery. You can see more images of his work on their site.

August 7, 2012