Jezebel in Jest | A Mixtape by Moderna

Jezebel in Jest | A Mixtape by Moderna

Jezebel in Jest | A Mixtape by Moderna

Download Jezebel in Jest | A Mixtape by Moderna

As I mentioned a few weeks back we here at TFIB are trying to keep the mixtapes flowing. Hopefully you snagged our last mixtape from Redford Rise called Bootstrap Paradoxes. This time around we have a mix from Missy Livingston who DJs under the name Moderna. I’ve known Missy for years now as she’s one of the geniuses behind Ghostly, who we support frequently on the site, as well as a fantastic DJ who’s mixes are always brilliant. We’d been speaking about her having a mixtape on the site for a while so I’m glad the time has finally come.

Jezebel – A shameless immoral woman.
Jest – To speak or act in a joking manner.

There is something to be said about a sexy wrought female vocal and this new mix is flourishing with them. It’s definitely not shy of dark, sexy and diverse voices. Since the summer is nearing its peak, my goal was to keep things light and playful — in jest if you will. But for the hot and sweaty nights to come, I veered towards the dark side. To give our Jezebels a standing chance to do nothing but dance.

What I love about this mix, as is often the case with our guest DJs, is that I don’t know any of the artists on this mix. It allows me to discover so many great new musicians this way, in one concentrated burst of good music. Definitely download Jezebel in Jest and if you want more mixtapes be sure to check out our mixtapes section.

Here’s the tracklist:

Claude Von Stroke – “Plasma Jelly”
Wolfram feat. Legowelt – “So Fine All The Time”
Bot’Ox feat. Anna – “Blue Steel”
Something in Spanish – “For Slowing Down” (Matthew Dear vs. Audion Remix)
Hounds of Hate – “I Like Triangles”
Osborne – “Bout Ready To Jak”
Photocall – “Flying Tiger of Dub”
Jahcoozi – “Fish” (Natasha Mix)
Totally Enormous Exctinct Dinosaur – “Tapes & Money” (Eats Everything Dubwork)
Little Dragon – “Little Man” (Tycho Remix)

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