.Mail – Rethinking the concepts of Email

.Mail - Rethinking the concepts of Email

Tobias van Schneider has released an interesting spin on email, calling the concept .Mail. He clearly states that he’s not the first to try and reinvent email, but I think some of his ideas are really strong.

Common email clients are jam-packed with functionalities no one really uses because they don’t work with their personal flow. Your email program doesn’t have to incorporate every aspect of modern communication. It should help you check and read your mails. That’s what you’d expect it to do, right?

We’re able to produce absolutely stunning websites and mobile apps with great interaction design. Interfaces that are smooth and fun and let us understand information without even trying. But when it comes to email clients we get a bit of a boring feeling., like using an old piece of software from 10 years ago.

I think we can better. So let’s do that.

His main points are a clutter-free interface, clean typography, Actionsteps, more emphasis on attachments, as well as social/brand integration to add a bit of personality. I think his idea has boiled down the essentials of what’s really important put it in a slick wrapper that just looks great. I also love the idea of having access to all of the attachments in your email laid out in a grid, much like you would have on your desktop. As someone who dabbles in a lot of images for the site I’m sure this feature would be great. It would also be great for your mom who wants to quickly find pictures of grandkids, you know?

If you’re interested to see more you can click here to see his visual proposal. I’d certainly be interested in trying a product like this.

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