A look back at Outfest 2012

Outfest Turns 30

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Outfest, the most renowned and celebrated LGBT film festival in the world. The festival opened a couple weeks ago with VITO, the brilliant and devastating documentary on the life of LGBT activist and film historian Vito Russo.

Over on Los Angeles, I’m Yours, we’ve had the privilege of being able to share interviews with many of the filmmakers who are sharing very important work at the festival. The works range from documentary to shorts to features and cover topics from large age gaps in relationships to immigration and marriage to trans narratives. All of the works are fantastic and we are proud to share them with you. After the jump, take a peek at a few interviews with filmmakers and be on the look out for their films as many are going to be coming your way and taking film culture by storm.

An interview with Ernesto Foronda And Silas Howard, co-directors of Sunset Stories
An interview with Katherine Brooks, director of Face 2 Face
An interview with Ian Samuels, director of The Eyes And The Ice
An interview with Kyle Henry, director of Fourplay
An interview with Josh Dragotta, director of Satan’s Angel: Queen Of The Fire Tassels
An interview with Rhys Ernst, director of The Thing
An interview with Guy Shalem, director of Something Real
An interview with Glenn Gaylord, director of I Do
An interview with David W. Ross, writer, producer, and actor in I Do
An interview with Ira Sachs, director of Keep The Lights On
An interview with Quentin Lee, director of White Frog
An interview with Jonathan Caouette, director of Walk Away Renee

You can see all of the interviews on the site here.

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