‘Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again’, a sports-inclined track from The Books

Tennis Court by Derek Hudson

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On my drive home tonight I started thinking about this track from The Books which does a good job of combining all sorts of sports sounds into one track. It starts out with the sound of a golf game, someone getting an eagle on a hole, then progresses into a tennis match, and then it just gets weirder from there. I’m pretty sure there’s some samurai sword action at the 1:58 in. That’s a sport, right?

The photo above was taken by Derek Hudson, a Paris based photographer who’s quite a talented guy. It’s from a series of photos he took in the Hebrides, which is an area off the west coast of the Scottish mainland. I love how odd this photo was, it’s just so crazy that this tennis court is seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to click his name and check out the rest of his work, he’s got a really great portfolio.

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